About William Robert Wallace the Great

Wallace and CouchThis is Wallace. Full name: William Robert Wallace the Great. Nicknames: Wally, Wally Bob, William Wallace, Wally Dog, and sometimes William Robert, but only if he’s being bad.

Wallace is the best dog in the whole world. He has kept all of my secrets from day one. He’s also very smart, sometimes too smart. He knows to sit, lay down, shake (both paws!), stay, up, down, get a toy, the word “outside,” and is very skilled at knowing when you have hidden medicine in any sort of food.

Wallace loves to squeak his toys and rip them apart. He hates when my boyfriend and I don’t include him when we cuddle, and will march up and lay down right in between us. He also loves to chase ducks and squirrels and rabbits and geese. He hates rain, but loves to swim or play in the snow.

Wallace doesn’t have any bad habits per say, just unusual ones. He likes to smell shoes. He will pick them up and carry them with him throughout the house. His new thing is taking my running shoes and placing them neatly at the front door. He really does that.

I guess Wallace does have some bad habits…He loves to go through the trash, especially if there are any leftovers to be had. And he doesn’t quite understand why I want him to leave the dining room while we eat dinner. That’s probably my fault, he’s just so cute when he eats mashed potatoes off a fork!