Hello & Welcome

Hello! My name is William Robert Wallace the Great, buy you can call me Wallace.


Lucky for you, we are meeting via the Internet, so I don’t have to sniff you down to make sure you are safe to enter my space. But for all you creeps out there, I have a sixth sense and I’m watching you…

For all of the non-creeps – Welcome! My mom set me up with my very own blog and my very own domain name (she spoils me). She tells me every day that I bring her so so so so so much happiness and just last week, she and I decided it would be great if I could spread that happiness to the WHOLE WORLD!!!!! Let’s get started then.

Like I said, I’m Wallace. I am three years old. I’m a borderline collie; that is to say, I’m a border collie mix. No clue what breed with though; I never met my birth father. It’s a rather touchy subject, so please don’t ask.

I’m a wildling-turned-city-dog from South Carolina to Indianapolis. My past is a rather long story, so stay tuned.

I like sticking my head out of the car window, playing tug-o-war with anyone that’s willing, eating mashed potatoes, steak, and really anything Mom and Dad are eating. Oh, speaking of Mom and Dad, here they are:


Aren’t they the most beautiful humans in the whole world?! And no, they aren’t married, which means I get two homes! With two dog beds! And twice as many toys! And sometimes, they forget to tell each other if they’ve already fed me, so I’ll get two dinners! Two dinners, can you believe it?! I live a happy life.

That’s enough of an introduction for now. Some punk shihtzu is barking at me through the window and I MUST go protect my territory.

If you’d like to read more about me, you can head to my About page. Mom wrote it, so it’s sure to be sappy.

Be back soon,


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